The Shape of Destiny – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Episode 38/39 Anime Review

Jojo Part 5 has finally concluded and though I didn’t see this ending coming, I don’t think there was a better way to end it than this.
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30 Replies to “The Shape of Destiny – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Episode 38/39 Anime Review”

  1. eventually he will die to every stand user, which means he will be even more humiliated when he dies to a fucking mosquito

  2. What exactly is giorno's new requiem power…?? Im still a bit confused on wrapping my head around how it works… maybe the next season will explain ,,lol

  3. An awesome conclusion to part 5.
    Bizarre stand(s) power(s).
    Bizarre ending after the ending that happened long before the ending.

  4. Diavolo, in his effort to skip to his desired result constantly, was only skipping toward his infinite demise, and now he's fate's sleeping slave, and will never wake up. Overall, Diavolo is my second favorite villain from the series.

  5. Now that one of my favorite stories is done what can you do but have more? I highly recommend reading the light novel "Purple Haze Feedback" , that resolves Fugo's story, wich is one of my favorite things ever made, while not canon is so well done that It should be. I would love an anime interpretation of this story by David Pro as an OVA. For everyone wanting more GW, read this story.

  6. As terrible as Diavolo was, I'm not sure he deserved to be thrown into a never-ending loop of death, where he's unable to do anything except frantically wonder how he'll be killed

  7. At the End on the table next to polnareff is:

    A flower from the field where abbachio died
    A flower that Giorno created to cover narancias body
    And Bruno's zipper

    Giorno brought them all home…..

  8. I'm so glad that Part 5 was done so much justice, it was the first time I remember reading a manga and being so excited I felt like I was going to scream (that being the finale of the White Album fight, a shame they didn't adapt Ghiaccio's "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUCK-" before getting the brutal two-page spread Muda stomp). A lot of people called GER a deus ex machina, but I disagree with that, because it was adequately foreshadowed that a power that strong could exist with Chariot Requiem, It also perfectly ties the theme of Golden Wind together; where Diavolo believed he was above fate (in his words, "My ability stands at the apex of reality!"), being that he could negate the consequences of anything that would have happened to him, GER is there to bring him back to the beginning of his actions and never complete them. He's trapped in an infinite death loop of cause with no effect. GER even drops one of the most badass victory lines in any manga: "YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE REALITY."

    God bless my beautiful Italian boys. Purple Haze Feedback OVA sometime soon?

  9. "Though shards of hope lay buried beneath the rubble, I will find them with my own two hands in order to make a difference in the world"
    – Fighting Gold

    10 months after its beginning my favorite story ever has at last come to an end. And even though I don't want to believe that it's true, every good book has a final page. And Golden Wind's is nothing short of brilliant.
    Uragirimono no Requiem Giorno ver. is incredible. Giorno doing DIO pose, GER transformation, Diavolo repeating same actions over and over – everything about it is phenomenal. That also makes Giorno the only JoJo to forcefully take back his opening from the main villain.
    Diavolo's fate is one of the most beautiful things in manga history imo. He spent his entire existence running away from fate and reality. He thought of himself as a king, whose rule was predetermined by fate itself. And ironically, he was the biggest slave of fate in the Part. He didn't care about anything other than the results. And like Abbacchio's partner said:
    "If the result is all you're after, you might start taking shortcuts. And once you start taking shortcuts, you might lose sight of the truth"
    And now, because he had faced Gold Experience Requiem, a total antithesis of King Crimson and Diavolo's ideology, he will never reach the results he so desires. He will never arrive at the truth of his death. He'd finally achieved what he always wanted – he is immortal and no one will ever know his identity. But nothing he will do will ever affect reality. He underwent complete destruction. And will continue to do so for all of eternity. Unlike Bruno, Narancia and Abbacchio. They may have died, but their actions and wills continue to affect reality through the actions of survivors.
    And then there is the last piece to the gorgeous mosaic that is Golden Wind. Its epilogue, Sleeping Slaves. One of the most genius things Araki have ever written. First of all, the fact that the last episode's events happen simultaneously with the first one's is amazing. Secondly, seeing the original Bruno's team again is heartbreaking. And thirdly, it recontextualizes the entirety of the Part. GW is about finding the resolve to oppose your fate. But Sleeping Slaves shows that it's impossible to completely escape your fate. But this doesn't mean that you should just give up and do nothing. The message of GW is not cynical or nihilistic. In fact, it's the opposite. You may not be able to escape your fate, but you should not allow it to control you.
    If you allow fate to control you, you won't suffer. But you will become a sleeping slave of fate, and your actions will never affect anything. But if you find your resolve and decide to fight you most likely will suffer. But your suffering will never be pointless. If Bruno had just accepted Rolling Stones he wouldn't have suffered the gruesome and painful path we saw him take, but he wouldn't have achieved anything. But because he took that path, his dream of taking down Diavolo and his tyranny has become reality. And now Giorno, Mista and Trish will carry on the legacy of the fallen.
    Golden Wind is a celebration of human spirit and what we can achieve even under the heavy hand of fate.
    And now it's time to say goodbye to Bruno's team. To the incredible group of characters, with whom we laughed, cried and stood up against fate itself. To quote Araki, they truly were "a golden wind, blowing through the toughest of moments". Thank you. Thank you, Araki-sensei, for writing this wonderful story. And thank you, DavidPro, for creating the best adaptation of it possible. I will miss these JoJo Fridays.
    P.S. I highly recommend everyone who loved Golden Wind as much as I did to watch Oceaniz' video "The brilliance of Golden Wind". It's an incredible hour long analysis of the Part and quite honestly, the greatest JoJo video ever made.

  10. They only missed one thing from the manga. In the end, the organization hierarchy is 1) Giorno 2) Polnareff 3) Mista. Mista lets Polnareff surpass him because to be number two would mean to be half of four, lol

  11. The Visuals after the last ed really is whole. We have Wine a Flower and a Zipper. All Symbolizing the members we lost along this wild journey. This part really was a Golden Experience.

  12. I somehow feel so proud that DP nailed everything on my favourite part, this is the greatest day of my life ;w; , also that Dio pose is a highlight of my day, DP etched Gio to be my best jojo

    Now what am i gonna do with my life until second best jojo airs…?

  13. wow this ending managed to put a huge smile on my face. That last part with the whole "sleeping slaves"stuff truly was the icing on the cake, this was reeaaally clever, the kind of stuff where the only kind of reaction you can have is : "oooohhh, wow that's why. That's pretty damn cool". I still somehow wish we had a bit more insight about how Gold experience requiem really works (or maybe It's just me that didn't understand completely) but I'm pretty sure it was intended.
    So when thinking about it, this part was excellent all around. As you said, I love too the cast of character in the part; even most villains were just so good, this just comforts me in thinking that this anime is one of my favorite of all time.

    All in all, probably my favorite jojo part so far even though I don't know anything about 6,7 and 8. I hope it only gets better x)

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