The Story Of Kai The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker

It seems that Kai The Hitchhiker’s story is one of a series of strange and bazaar circumstances that lead to places unexpected, today in Exploring The Internet 📂

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20 Replies to “The Story Of Kai The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker”

  1. Check the sources provided in this video to formulate your own opinions, you might have heard about this or have been keeping up with it already. I was hoping to start a conversation to see what everyone's thinking 📂 if you wanna reach out to me *DM me on instagram – *

  2. Sophia is Goddess – it was a witty remark referencing the "Goddess of wisdom". Its based in Hellenistic philosophy. Virginia has Alexandria which is prob why he used the metaphor

  3. I listen to a lot of his music. Haven’t listened in a while and decided to look him up. It’s good you’re covering this. This shows how things can easily get covered up.

  4. @Repzilla he (the decedent, Galfy) was NOT found face down on his bed or any other bed in his house.
    He was on the floor and Kai testified to waking up to Galfy sexually assaulting him.
    The actual evidence will show Galfy only had on underpants & socks, & that Kai's head (with his long hair) was pretty much forcefully put on the edge of the mattress by Galfy (ex: slamming someone's head into the side end of a mattress repeatedly). This also has to mean they were on the floor and not the bed.
    It was in fact settled in trial that many news articles were "misinformed" & law enforcement knew all along Galfy wasn't found on his bed.

  5. Oh no… I get a strong feeling that Kai I telling the truth and that he is just being screwed by the system. If that is the case, then that is horrible. 😟😟😟 Something needs to be done. The whole case just seems so odd to me.

  6. In Canada you usually don't get removed from your family unless there is some form of danger.
    Divorce would not do this.
    His mental health might but in that case he would not have been removed from a hospital or treatment center he'd be to dangerous to release.

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