The top 50 games of the decade, in 7 words or less

We attempted to describe every one of Polygon’s top 50 games of the last decade in 7 words or less… how’d we do? Here’s this same idea, but thoughtful:

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49 Replies to “The top 50 games of the decade, in 7 words or less”

  1. Want to read more than 7 words about these games? Check out our entire list of the 100 GAMES of the DECADE on our website!

  2. I clicked on this thinking it was going to be an Unraveled for some reason, and now I'm made Simone never shows up in Unraveled videos

  3. I dunno… FFXIV is probably more deserving of the comeback player of the decade award (never forget its original 2010 release. Hell, if ARR failed, SE probably would have gone under).

  4. Out of all the indie games.. Spelunky.. no hollow, no ori, no undertale, no Isaac, no gungeon, cuphead, etc damn just saying that made me realize how many better indie games there are than Spelunky

  5. I'm sorry but not in a single universe would Pokémon go be better than witcher 3. Sure it's more influential, but this is greatest games, not most influential

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