The United States of America – summary of the country’s history

This video is a summary of the history of the United States of America, since the arrival of the first colonists in North America until today.


English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit
French version (original):

Music: Lint Roller – Cxdy (Youtube library)
Software used: Adobe After Effects


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34 Replies to “The United States of America – summary of the country’s history”

  1. Thanks for very interesting information. I am learning USA history and who can help me? 1)To choosing thesis name. 2) original material about thesis. 3) reference books. 4) scientific articles
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  2. Fun fact: When the Philippine-American war broke out, the Americans killed all the citizens of a town on Balagiga, Philippines (Visayas) 10 years old and above. They never mentioned this on the schools on America though

    Plus, they called us little brown Americans when they occupied us.

  3. This is how America becomes america by killing natives taking their land every inch taken by force and 2019 this is what they are known for america is just a war machine they been in war since 1750

  4. must be piss easy for kids to do their their assignments now , cos of channels like this ,….
    big thumbs down cos i am jealous lol

  5. USA is a confirmed genocidal state- killed millions of tribes. USA is nothing but edgy europeans who just wanted to seek a "better" life by eredicating others. typical imperialism

  6. I love America a lot and I hope to immigrate to it someday I'm from Morocco do I find someone to help me with a sum of money I suffer from extreme poverty and unemployed and I'm sick and I need urgent help Thank you very much

  7. In 1866

    Some Americans and Canadians decide to have unification to a country..

    But It's failed.

    It's amazing
    What it US and Canada joins Really United States of North America

  8. United States of America AKA New Babylon. The best economy and military the world has ever known.
    Think about it: Americans doesn't know or recognize the flags of other nations BUT everyone else recognize
    the American Flag.

  9. USA is great country and has great history 👍
    Please prevent torture crime

  10. A video on America (history and politics) by a person with British accent !! No wonder he deal with important events very superficially and runs thru them so fast !! For a person unfamiliar with the history of such a country, he/she will comprehend nor remember any of what is said, besides having a hard time knowing what each part is talking about (he puts a broad title ahead of the segment. To someone versed in American history, such video omits a lot of info on each event.
    It would hv been better had he named the events using their well known names/

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