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44 Replies to “Thiếu Lâm La Hán Quyền – Phim Võ Thuật Thiếu Lâm Tự Mới Nhất Full Thuyết Minh”

  1. Phim hư cấu qua, sai sự thật thiếu lâm làm gì có nhưng trận cảm bẩy chết chóc như vậy..làm gì có phim đàn biano..

  2. Đánh tay không được cả chục thằg mà ko pit giật cây kiếm chém chết tụi nó mà để nó chém cho chết

  3. ''small things.''he pointed at two short bottles of green glass on the shelf where the bowl had rested.beside them a tray covered with pieces of fractured plasteek in many colours and shapes.from behind him he took a great cog of silver metal,stained with looked like an enormous cousin to one of the minute pieces from inside the watch in my baggage.''nothing of great consqueence.the best i sell on.''
    ''and do u-know about the builders,master toltech…???do u learn their secrets as u sift through their leavings…???''i asked.''i know only what all of us here know about the builders.what our fathers knew.''
    ''and that is…???''some men like tobe prompted.''that they are not gone,and that cannot trust them.'' amen amen amen

  4. the right salts helped keep out the sickness caused by the echoes of the builders' fire nobody knew why.the required salt could be separated from the waters of carrod springs with sufficient expertise.five pieces of silver seemed a small price to pay.i counted out the coins,one stamped with my grandfatther's head,and passed them in to lesha.
    toltech started to count salt pills into a cotton bag.''if u-find anything in the hills,even if it's just broken pieces,bring it to me.i migh give u-yah silver back.''
    ''what have u-had from the iberico before,martered…pink head…toltech…???''i aasked.''i'm something of a collector myself.''i leaned a little way in through the entrance.beneath the skin salt'astringency the smell of sickness caught at me.

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