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6 Replies to “Tijuana MERMAIDS SPA REVIEW! Massage next door to HONG KONG AND ADELITA BAR.”

  1. Love Tijuana bro been multiple times got a regular girl been dating over a year who lives in tj .. but I'm always up to party actually found out about tj from other youtubers before I was going to bars in Texas at Laredo Mexico… finding out about tj and how great it is to be a man out there is inspiring a future move to Arizona from Chicago Illinois… its the best tj .. holler back man u seem like a cool dude

  2. So I'm going to be staying at the Grand Hotel in October and I was wondering if I could call a hooker to my hotel somehow?

  3. Dude i might be down for a halloween trip!🤘
    Question on the girls at the Mermaid – all Latina or was there a variety?

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