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48 Replies to “Top 10 BEST Games of 2010 – Angry Joe”

  1. Watching old Joe is so nostalgic, it was a better time for gaming and the industry. Back when Fallout was my favorite series and the hype for Skyrim was crazy.

  2. Halo Reach is awesome even to this day. now of course there are some mild things that I don't like. But the game has so much to it that I love

  3. 9 years later and still How is COD Black Ops Number 9 one of my favorite games of all time there was so much time and effort put in for the campaign too

  4. Personal top 3
    1)Fallout New Vegas
    2)Mass Effect 2
    3)RDR 1
    All are equally great…idk what AJ was thinking leaving New Vegas out.

  5. "I'll never doubt Bioware's ability to tell a compelling story" ….Yep that aged like fine smooth milk left out in the desert, in August, for 3 weeks.

  6. Wow, watching this is insanely nostalgic. This was overall probably my favorite year for gaming, 2011 was another incredible year, then it all went downhill from there with mobile gaming, day one patches, micro transactions, and insane development times.

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