Top 10 released PC games of 2010

This is our version of the top 10 released pc games, we selected the best pc games that has been released on 2010 for our top 10.

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Our list:
1 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
2 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
3 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
4 Mafia 2
5 Mass Effect 2
6 Fallout: New Vegas
7 BioShock 2
8 Assassin’s Creed 2
9 Just Cause 2
10 Call Of Duty Black Ops


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45 Replies to “Top 10 released PC games of 2010”

  1. can i play these games on my laptop? Windows 8 Intel Core CPU1.90GHZ 4GB RAM 64 Bit Operating System and is a SONY laptop

  2. ASSASSINS CREED 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST GAME EVER and i still cant find a download that doesent need some code for the uplay bond,pleasa someone give me a good AC2 download link

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