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20 Replies to “Video Review of Piper Doll Eirian 150 Sex Doll”

  1. Women and their outlandish demands are being replaced. In 100 years sex robots will be walking and talking; we wont be able to tell the difference.

  2. You know what man. Your a terrible teacher, you repeat the same things over and over. Show us how she looks without her clothes off, show us how she articulates and flexes. Are you jealous so that you don't want to show and tell your girlfriend. Your an idiot!

  3. I'm interested; Process to send to México?.
    Send messages from the piperdoll page and I have not received an answer.

  4. Great to see your review! Eirian is my favorite too. And I can see she looks awesome next to a person. This way it's easier to appreciate Mizuwali's piece of art. 🙂

  5. I like videos when the doll is shown with a real human. I think it is also good for marketing. I would love to see the other piper dolls with a human, especially Ariel.

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