Vietnam Gorcery Store in Hanoi 🇻🇳

I found squid Vietnam grocery store in Hanoi Vietnam. After watching a video about a Man name Herald Baldr eating Cobra for Dinner in Vietnam . I went to a Local grocery store to see what types of Vietnamese food I can find .
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Intro from Panzoid

My camera setup:

Canon Vixia HF R800

Joby Tripod

Directional microphone

Editing software

Hp Notebook


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24 Replies to “Vietnam Gorcery Store in Hanoi 🇻🇳”

  1. well..I was wondering when someone would tell you about the camera🤓 Thanks for the video find a women's yoga class..
    or a good bar

  2. Ace my man, I posted this earlier in the wrong vlog, sorry. I meant it for today, here it is. Hey Ace, I been in Colombia 3 times in the last couple of years & enjoy your videos. I however, have been in & out of Southeast Asia, 45 to 50 trips since 1996. As an OG, here are several tips for you MY BROTHER. (1) In "96" When I first started, a wise & good looking Mama San said to me. "Shave the head & no face hair, you will feel cooler & more comfortable. The locals will think of you differently but wont tell you this. The main benefit is the ladies will look at you as a handsome man. Beards are considered for old men." You in your 30's are not old. When you get back to "The World" you can grow the hair back. (2) Eat as much soups as you can. They are highly nutritious, give you more energy & you will lose weight. I know in hot weather the last thing us Westerns want is soup but it does work. You will notice that most locals are slimmer & sweat less. (3) It generally takes 2-3 weeks for my body to get & be acclimatized to this South East Asian heat each trip. Once acclimatized, you will still sweat but you will notice it is less. (4) I know you like colored face towels & it makes sense, but use white instead. They look similar to white handkerchiefs and local perceptions are different than ours. I know this is a lot but the trip is to make your trip & time as enjoyable as can be. PEACE MY BROTHER.

  3. My brother love your blog , I would like to see you do some home invasions go inside the home look how people live in Vietnam in their homes since you're going on the outskirts. Continue the good work I enjoy …PS great Vietnamese hat

  4. Bro, I feel you about the sweating. I carry a spare shirt, a small towel, and deodorant in my bag. When I get to my destination I head to the bathroom, freshen up and change my shirt. 👕

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