VIETNAM VLOG 1 🇻🇳 Hanoi! Night Markets, Bún riêu, Hoàn Kiếm Lake, morning coffee!

My god am I excited for you to see this Vietnam vlog series!! This is one of my favourite trips of all time and that’s saying a lot! It was my first time here and it was just amazing to explore this place. Follow us on 2 weeks exploring north, central and south Vietnam!

I can’t believe how much we managed on day one.. lol from arriving into the city at 7am, drinking our morning coffee and people watching from a cafe on the crossroad, to wandering around the old quarter to dining the authentic vietnam way, practically squatting on the road alongside traffic, eating a bowl of noodles! it’s amazing. We then went to the night market which is held on weekends near Hoan Kiem lake, grabbed one of the fluffiest japanese cheesecakes we’d ever eaten (yes – in Vietnam! I’ve since eaten the Japanese Uncle Rikuro and to be honest I prefer the vietnamese one!) and finally picked up bags of fruit on the way home to eat with chilli salt and beer back at the apartment! such a crazy day and the perfect kickstart for our 2 week adventure in Vietnam 😍

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  1. is this a continuation from the korea vlog? Or separate trip? You should do an introduction of the other ppl in your group 🙂

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