[Vietnamese Flower Fan Dance ] Em Đi Chùa Hương Múa Quạt

Thuyen May Productions Performing live at the Wake Forest Moon Festival (Trung Thu) in Wake Forest, North Carolina on September 14, 2019. Part of a celebration of diversity and Vietnamese culture hosted by Wake Forest Renaissance Centre for the Arts.
Program Notes: Thuyen May’s dance interpretation illustrates both the festive traditions of Chùa Hương’s annual Tet season and the pagoda’s mysticism. The choreography opens and closes in circular formation. The dance expresses how love, hesitation, change, and choice remain mysteries regardless of what stage in life they appear. And like cyclic life, this dance circles through past, present, and future.
The yellow flower fans in our dance interpretation represent the vibrance of festivity, youth, and life. Each dancer represents a flower petal. The flower, like our world, is complete when people come together in friendship towards a blooming future.
Song: Em Đi Chùa Hương (“Visiting Chua Huong”)
Artist: Tam Doan
Choreography: Mai-Huong Nguyen & Clair Nguyen
Video Recording: Danny Huynh

source: https://indiancinema-analysis.com

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