Vietnamese Girls: 41 Reasons to Date Viet Women

Why should you date Vietnamese women? Allow me to share 41 reasons why I decided to meet beautiful Viet girls online:

My friend Thomas lives in Ho Chi Minh city with his beautiful girlfriend. She’s a lot younger than him, supportive, loyal and she does everything to please him.

I’ve been to Ho Chi Minh and to Hanoi and I’ve dated women from both cities. But I wanted to take my knowledge about the local women to the next level. That’s why I decided to sit down with Thomas and his girlfriend (and a bunch of her friends) to discuss the Vietnamese dating culture and the nature of the women.

Today I present the result of my own experience and the insights I had during our conversation. You’ll discover what Vietnamese women are really like, what they enjoy and what they don’t like, and I also reveal everything about the local dating culture.

And that’s only the beginning.

I also show you where you can meet the most beautiful Vietnamese girls (hint: it’s a dating site called VietnamCupid and you can find the link if you scroll up). And I also reveal reasons why you might want to have a Vietnamese girlfriend and maybe even a wife.

If you think about traveling to this fascinating South East Asian country and date the local women, you have to watch this video till the end…


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21 Replies to “Vietnamese Girls: 41 Reasons to Date Viet Women”

  1. A lot of young Vietnamese women can drink more than men nowadays. "Pretty Vietnamese women are pretty submissive" hahaha not me! Maybe because I am not pretty??. Every woman is different. A smart person would not believe everything you claim in this video.

  2. Going to Hanoi in March to meet a beautiful vn woman who I met on VN cupid.
    This video pretty much sums
    up why I am searching for vietnamese woman.

  3. I have one on Asian Melodies dating site that send me love letters everyday. And it seems like all the things in this video is true especially the virgin part which she told me in an email a month ago. And thought she was just clowning around but i guess after seeing this video she's serious.

  4. I dont know such things exist in real life. Thank you Vitenamesse women for making me believe in life again. LOL And thank you for making this video.

  5. There are a lot of bold claims in this video. Some can be true and others I completely disagree. You're saying everything as if its fact, but these are just your opinions. And recording someone sleeping at 9:21?

  6. Can I say one thing please for 30 years I think asian women the most beautiful in the world I seem to love the culture although i not been to asia ever until next year i just want to say respect to the ladies for being so strong beautiful as well

  7. This is the first time I listened to talking about 41 attributes about Vietnamese women for marriage. Thanks for preparing this video to highlight a nation which had war with the United States of America for long time.

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