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42 Replies to “Virtual DJ 2020: The Best Virtual DJ Yet? First Look Review!”

  1. still blue / red colors, still useless big waveforms, still crap sound, still useless buttons arround the skin….

    there is no evolution, no design change, they just made the background darker and corrected the junk font a little.
    i will stay on traktor and let virtualDJ be the most stable program.

    At least native instruments have a skin with few things useful without forcing me to have my eyes on a screen and not the dancefloor.

  2. VDJ looks nice, moves very fast. But I love to have a really clear sound. I compared to others on my home speakers (Dynavoice Definition df 6) and then on studio monitors. (With Roland dj-202 controller and a Wharfedale pro mixer. Then other setup in a studio with a sound engineer)
    I don't like the VDJ sound quality.
    The interface and everything are great. But the crystal clear sound is missing so because of this for me is a big NO.
    Sorry VDJ, maybe in the future you will improve the quality of the sound.

  3. Hi ,i have the original Virtual dj8 , and i have a question for you ..When i play a video karaoke , on the video screen appears with small red letters the song title and one clock (red color ) ,How can i get rid of it ,because covers the karaoke letters ,.Thank you.

  4. I can't find much info on topic. I been sitting on a Pioneer Sb3-n. Still in box attempting to fig out what software to buy. The deal breaker is if or if not Vir Dj supports Reloop Neon box. So that is my question before I buy it ( Vir Dj ).I know nothing about mapping and or what be. Can I plug the Reloop Neon to newest Vir Dj and use it fine? Mainly as sample pads?

  5. Thanks for the review Joey. Gotta just give one criticism. As a mobile guy, the event scheduler would never work for a wedding, or any gig for that matter. Nothing is ever on time. If I ever tried to set a timer…..guaranteed someone would be in the bathroom/be on the phone/be changing a baby/be posting in the comments (wink wink)……when my timer was set to hit.
    Best compliment I ever had was that I pay attention to what's going on.
    Rule one, be at your post.

    and now that I'm done…..VDJ has been a winner for years! I'd like to see a video about it's video features. I always found vdj7 was great for video displays.
    I.E ….karaoke ability, slide shows, music videos, text overlays, and even visualizations

  6. I can see the event scheduler being a useful tool as a reminder for New Years as you get closer to the midnight drop. I'm loving all the new changes to VDJ 2020, I'm glad I'm an infinity member so I get the update for FREE. Thanks for walking us through some of the new Features. I also enjoy the fact you can customise the 4 buttons on the Default Pro interface. The harmonic mixing is going to be a very useful tool for me as well. Excited for this new version of VDJ.

  7. Can I download VDJ2020 and use it with the home plus license? If not, which version will work with the home plus license?

  8. I use it by LE licence cause of WeGo,so I don't have song/music search feature. sometimes it's for me to find during library and also i have problem with cue points.when I chose 2 or more cue points I must end to start to start right one

  9. Where’s the option to change Master Tempo? Like if I have a track and I want to slow it down and change the pitch simultaneously? Can’t find that anywhere! HELP!

  10. Virtual ma bardzo słabe efekty w porównaniu do serato. Niby wszystkie programy rekordbox i traktor to samo ale ja zostaję przy serato pro

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