Virtual DJ Pro 7 + Crack [MEDIAFIRE]

100% virus free! This is not a torrent or a keygen and definitely not a virus. Please watch the video for the installation instructions for using the crack. Have fun using Virtual DJ Pro 7!

My link was apparently removed for violation so I got the original link for when I first got the crack myself. All credit goes to zikoodu36 for making the video in the first place because the crack works perfectly! He is French so don’t hate because he saved my life and hopefully I saved yours!


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50 Replies to “Virtual DJ Pro 7 + Crack [MEDIAFIRE]”

  1. thank you, this video is save me becuse i need to do karaoky and i serch how to dawnlod this app something like year thank you 🙂

  2. Heyy, how exactly can I synchronize me console hercules dj control mp3 e2 with virtual dj?
    I have lost my driver !! 🙁

  3. I have a ddjsb2 controller, but can't get full control of virtual dj, it only controls the sound. how can I get full control. thanks

  4. Can anyone help me? This worked perfectly for me, but i cant connect my Behringer CMD Micro to it… Also cant find any mappings for it either.

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