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14 Replies to “Vladimir Sterzer – Tears In Your Eyes (Black Mirrors)”

  1. I heard this beautiful melody in my pre-birth classes and it made me cry. I asked for the title but no one knew. I used SoundHound but apparently a new melody of yours had started- My Love. And I thought the melody that brought tears into my eyes was that one. Just now I found the right one! I love your special style. I am at 9 month of pregnancy and I listen to your music. I laugh and cry with your melodies! They’re beautiful! Thank you for creating such music

  2. Vladimir, your music is hauntingly beautiful, I thank you for sharing your gift. Your music is an inspiration and has helped with my writing. My favorite quote of yours is: “I consist of music, but not everyone can hear.” I can hear your songs and I appreciate your talent so very much. Melody

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