VMware Workstation 15 Pro – Hướng dẫn cài đặt và sử dụng

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VMware Workstation Pro is the industry standard for running multiple operating systems on a single Linux or Windows PC.

Workstation 15 Pro improves on the leading desktop with an updated high-DPI user interface, a new REST API, support for the latest Windows and Linux operating systems, and more…

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21 Replies to “VMware Workstation 15 Pro – Hướng dẫn cài đặt và sử dụng”

  1. a ơi e cài xong mở phần mềm lên nó thông báo lỗi này là sao ạ?

    This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled.

    Intel VT-x might be disabled if it has been disabled in the BIOS/firmware settings or the host has not been power-cycled since changing this setting.

    (1) Verify that the BIOS/firmware settings enable Intel VT-x and disable trusted execution.

    (2) Power-cyde the hostif either of these BIOS/firmware settings have been changed.

    (3) Power-cycle the host if you have not done so since installing VMware Workstation.

    (4) Update the host's BIOS/firmware to the latest version.

    This host does not support Intel EPT hardware assisted MMU virtualization.

    Module 'CPUIDEarly' power on failed.

    Failed to start the virtual machine.

  2. Máy mình cứ báo lỗi ad giúp mình với cảm ơn rất nhiều cứ đến lúc cập nhật cài win báo lỗi

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