Warrior of Light Lenna & Bartz Banner Review! Mega Value Banner! – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

So we have a great banner this week with FFV and CG Bartz paired with Warrior of Light Lenna! A top of the line damage dealer and the BEST white mage to date!

CG Bartz – 1:48

Warrior of Light Lenna – 11:22

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34 Replies to “Warrior of Light Lenna & Bartz Banner Review! Mega Value Banner! – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius”

  1. Claic, are you able to log in to your Amazon account after maintenance? I can't get into my Amazon account and was wondering if you had problems

  2. Need your help just came back on ffbe and got 2 uoc available and just pull 2CG Charlotte(now 7*)//Nagi//Beowulf//kaito//kimono ayaka//auron//ignacio//myra//Esther. — my 7 star max level are wilhelm/hyoh/barbariccia/TT/frevia/cG charlotte (new) and dunno what to do/grind

  3. It's just funny, my main acc used 2 days in a row the 40M tickets, both times 3-star tickets in addition, and both tickets had each one bartz xD and my secund acc got 2 times lenna with just 1x 10 times summon xP God of luck, lol

  4. All these "changes" and 40 mil DL garbage are just measures to bait those of us who quit FFBE to go back to the game, so Gumi can continue to squeeze our wallets. I reinstalled the game to try out CG Lasswell's upgrades. But when I got one shot by the ambush attack of the Yokai event trial boss, my hate for Gumi is re-ignited. After 2nd try and still got one shot despite having a team with avoid death, I uninstalled the game. Burning 80 nrg (out of 172 nrg) is enough to tell me Gumi did not change it's fundamentals at all. The game is still not balanced. FFBE is hopeless and beyond salvation.

  5. Easy way to earn 3500 chains for 40M DL event, just use your highest LB chaining units, like CG Sakura and Hyoh, etc, and rerun Warrior of Light Bartz event and take advantage of instantly filled LB meters and you'll get like 160 chains in one go for 1 energy! lol

  6. I have double Elena and double Radiant Lightning. This is a big skip for me. Too much power currently to need an other DPS. I am also not a fan of how Bartz works. Far too many turns of waste for him to be of any use to me. At least for my style of play. I am not a fan of turtling and then if he dies having to start that asinine rotation again would make me want to quit the fight. But hey if he is up you ally more power to you.

  7. Between saving up and purchasing Lapis, I was able to get through one full Step-Up summon and two of the first two parts of the second run. With what I got left of the story, I'll have enough to finish off the final three steps of my second run. My first run through the Step-Up got me two Bartz but no Lenna. I then used the like 50 rare tickets (some 4*) at the banner and pulled a Lenna on a regular rare ticket. If I don't pull a Lenna after finishing my second run of the Step-Up, I'll have enough of the Exchange coins for their banner to nab Lenna's prism. Now with Elena, WoL Bartz, WoL Lenna, Myra, Dressy Aileen, Ellesperis, Regina, and Loren I feel like I have a pretty solid group of attackers and healers. Sadly, my best tanks are Beryl and Awakened Rain. I need better tanks.

  8. thanks to Kokuryu's trial I got one copy of WoLLenna and WoLBartz xD

    even though they won't be replacing my Elena and Myra on my main team

  9. I don't really play this game anymore because of the money and time but I still enjoy watching your videos Claic. Been a while since…man it's been a while, like 2 years. I hope you're doing well, putting up a strong face takes courage, you're on your way friend.

  10. Really wanted Lenna, as I got Elena, Akstar and Zeno already for damage dealinh purposes, Kryla as a Breaker, Sieghard and Charlotte as Tanks, KFina as Mage but I'm sorely lacking a healer.
    Spent ~60 tickets and got one Butz. Nice, as if I needed him lol

  11. I Got one Lenna which I'm Happy About. I might UOC her in the Future even if I have Enhanced Lotus Fina.

    I really really wanted Bartz but i don't know whether I should use UOC on him or save for a Physical Tank. I feel like I need Bartz because I feel that My Main Damage Dealer will be Powercrept soon (My Best Damage Dealer is Sabin BTW). Any Suggestions? Should I UOC 7 Star Bartz (Assuming I don't Pull two from the Banner) or Should I Save for the Warrior Of Light (CG)?

  12. Did 1 lap, ended up with 1 Bartz and 2 Lenna. I am content with this. Thanks for the breakdown Claic. I'm really excited to try these 2 out. Keep up the work big homie.

  13. Kinda sorta pulling on the banner. I got Lenna from spending a few tickets for bonus units to do the king mog event. I sorta wanna 7* her or get at least 1 Bartz for his TMR. I am waiting for the gauranteed 4 rainbows pulls to see if I can get lucky on those before using more tickets on this banner.

  14. As soon as you said 'It's over 100!' I was already going "It's OVER NINE THOUSAND!". Love Bartz's kit, I think he seems super cool…sadly I don't have the resources to pull on this banner. I could UoC, but with Folka already rocking for me, and a reluctance to spend UoC for damage dealers, I guess I'll just have to hope I see them later.

  15. Thank you for explaining his rotation. I got one of him with a 5+1 ticket and then another from a rare summon ticket so I’ve got him. Just didn’t know what to do with him until I saw this.

  16. I was using tickets to get bonus units and see If I could get another Octopath Traveler 5* unit but I got Warrior of Light Lenna. So it means goodbye Lotus Mage Fina…….. I am crying, I had a great time with her.

    Note: I cannot believe how Broken is Lenne in 6*

  17. Damn lena's 6 star is already insane! The active abilities at 7 stars are like the cream on the top and then the reduce mana cost you can unlock besides that jeez just crazy O.O

  18. I'm feeling like I should wait and go for the 9K 4x Rainbow pull and 40M tickets before diving into this right? Plus I got 1K anniversary tickets to go through tonight and see what comes out of it. It's good but so much other goodness has come out recently feels like you got to roll the dice with all that stuff before dropping 25-50K lapis on this banner and going to whale town.

  19. Not going to pull, simply because I don't need bartz… I have zeno and elena, and CG Fina is doing me fine… As much as I'd like the upgrade in Lenna I don't want to risk my lapis and tickets with Galuf around the corner and me being in need of a WoL replacement in my physival tank slot

  20. Got a rainbow on the the daily summon. Ended up being CG Lassworm 🙁 It was good though cause I got his STMR that improved my Zeno a ton. Still sad I didn't get Lenna though.

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