What are web servers and how do they work (with examples httpd and nodejs)

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A web server is a software that Serves web content through the HTTP protocol. It is the foundation of the internet and any website out there must be sitting and hosted on a web server. Web APIs can also be hosted on some sort of a web server. A web server can serve static or dynamic content. You can use an out of the box web servers such as apache tomcat or IIS or you can write your own from scratch to expose pieces of functionalities such as API. In this video we will explain what is a web server, how it works and we will then go through and spin off two types of web servers. Im going to put jump codes so you can skip to your favorite part of the video.

– What is a web server?
– [ ] Software that serves web content
– [ ] Uses HTTP protocol
– [ ] Static and dynamic
– [ ] Used to host web pages or APIs.
– How it works? (Slide)
– process starts and listen to a port (usually 80) , a client makes a request to the web server, this establishes a TCP connection between client and server if its HTTPS it does TLS, then finally the GET request get sent. Now different implementation of webservers shine here, some servers use the same process to execute the request on the main thread. Which means the server cant accept any more requests until that is done this is referee to as Blocking single-threaded HTTP server). Other web servers implement this different and accepts new requests all the time and start new thread of execution.
– Examples
– Web servers (apache, tomcat, nodejs http-server, NodeJS express, Python Tornado 🌪
– Demo (tomcat and nodejs)

3:00 HTTP video
5:40 etags
7:30 chrome postgres rest api
7:40 python on the backend

jump codes

what is web server 2:13
how web server 7:40
Blocking single threaded web server 10:00
Code example apache 19:00
code example nodejs 29:00

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14 Replies to “What are web servers and how do they work (with examples httpd and nodejs)”

  1. Dude you rock.

    What do I do with 2 instances of mysql?
    Mysql that comes with my express apps(workbench)
    And Mysql that comes with apache (phpmyadmin)

    Have configured one to listen on 3306 like normal.
    The other on another port. .

    How does this affect prod tho?

    Thats my only concern these days l, is , how is this going to affect prod?

  2. Hi …i liked ur way of teaching, content.thanks for that …and i have request for you that I am very confused with how Linux kernal manages resources like cpu memory. And what exactly theards , process and cores relation …plz make a video …thanks in advance.

  3. I am getting an error on windows machine while typing localhost on the browser:
    HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.

  4. Hussain.. You are awesome! Your topics are exactly what I'm always looking for!! But it would be better if you can make it max 15 minutes.. thank you 💙

  5. Hi Hussein,
    The comments feed says there are two comments, but I don't see them.
    Thank you for showing an example of Express web server.
    It drives the point home for me when you use it in your other videos, such as the sidecar pattern and building a web api with PostgreSQL and Express.

  6. Well done 👌

    Very informative and well explained, I hope you make a video about varnish ( http accelerator) and redis ( caching db) and most important you use examples 😁

    Keep it up my friend 😀

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