What's New in Premiere Pro CC (November 2016) | Adobe Creative Cloud

The latest release of Premiere Pro makes team collaboration even easier, as well as helping you edit VR media directly, and offering new color tools to make your projects beautiful.



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24 Replies to “What's New in Premiere Pro CC (November 2016) | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. Hi,

    I am an editor and have an issue with merged clips in Premiere CC 2017. Current workflow: Merge video and audio by time code > edit > consolidate > prep for audio > project manager for archive. On the last step, while project managing, Premiere CC seems to grab EVERY clip from the project rather than the clips only contained within my sequence. Why is this? Is it because it is merged video and audio? Is this a bug? I literally cannot fathom why premiere project manager is copying over media which is not contained in the sequence. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  3. All these wonderful collaborative features….for those who have the Team or Enterprise subscriptions. So, the bulk of the user base (the individual freelance artists) who have individual subscriptions ought not be encouraged to share projects with other independent artists on a project-by-project basis via this platform….. come on Adobe, now you're just milking the customer base in ways that don't even make fiscal dollars and sense.

  4. apple customer support top notch. ADOBE support terrible and I would suggest using another company other than Adobe illustrator of photoshop unless you can get an old version of either.

  5. If you look at the Updates since CS6 there is really nothing new… 90% of it is fixing code and interface issues..many of the team features were available for free anyway in other software. I am slowly moving over to DaVinci…there software is free and I dont have to pay for digital crack. It's a shame Adobe….you got greedy and your loyal users are slowly drifting away…

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