WHY 2010 was a GREAT Year in Gaming

Why 2010 was an awesome year for Gaming? Black Ops 1, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2 and much more Games released in 2010. Why 2010 is the best year in Gaming.

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50 Replies to “WHY 2010 was a GREAT Year in Gaming”

  1. All of 2010 I was playing Dead rising 1 over and over again up to dr2s release Case Zero and Case West were amazing additions as well

  2. Oh yes 2010 was legendary. I definitely miss those days as they definitely don't make games like those anymore… this video is very nostalgic but, some of my favourite games of all time came out that year!

  3. Darksiders
    Lost Planet 2
    3D Dot Games Heros
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    ModNation Racers
    Enslaved:Odyssey to the West
    Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

    These were good game that came out in 2010.

    Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days and Quantum Theory are not.

  4. For me the glory days of gaming were 2010-2013. These days, games are not as good. Games like Fortnite, PUBG and Apex just flat up suck.

  5. Why do you not devote any decent amount of time to talk about PS3 exclusives, as you missed them in 07 and forgot a lot of what released on PS3 in 09 and 10

  6. One of my favourite games from 2010 was Transformers War For Cybertron but I'm not sure how many people have actually played it…

    (It's basically Halo Reach for Transformers)

  7. Man alot of stuff has happen in 2010 i graduated from high school went to E3 the following week and gaming was awesome til the following months coming out.

  8. WHY EVERY YEAR (besides the last 5 years) were GREAT Years in Gaming

    i really wish they still made good games.

  9. 2010 had no more than around 3 or 4 good games. BO1 was garbage and cod has been garbage ever since, Battlefield was already trying to be call of duty, RDR was great, MW2 was great, Fallout New Vegas was great but thats kind of it

  10. The fact that Fallout New Vegas isn't even mentioned in this video is inexcusable, and deserves a dislike from every FNV fan.

  11. Why is nobody talking about amnesia the dark decent this game took horror games to whole another level back in 10

  12. Shadow of Chernobyl is the best Stalker game.
    And you missed Just Cause 2, which is still the best in the Just Cause series.

  13. Why 1972-1982 and 1984-2019 were a GREAT Years in Gaming
    BTW. STALKER series is very respect and liked but in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe

  14. Wasn't black ops released before MW2? I think it was mainly because of the control scheme on PC it was the same as WaW and MW1 and not the same as MW2

  15. F in the chat because we missed Fallout New Vegas, which was an outstanding game. Will cover it on its own in the future.

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