WHY are they INSANE? – Lid & Fina + Citra & Folka – Banner Review

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Summer Lid & Fina and Summer Citra & Folka FINALLY ARRIVE

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LID & FINA (FID) and CITRA & FOLKA (CILKA) are some AMAZINGLY powerful and UNIQUE characters to add to your team in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. With the ability to perform MULTIPLE top tier and necessary functions in your party while bringing additional UNIQUE assets to your team, there has never been units like these before!

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36 Replies to “WHY are they INSANE? – Lid & Fina + Citra & Folka – Banner Review”

  1. I’ve got a 7 star Bart from the xenogears collaboration, he can imbue different elements too and I’m wondering if you can have two elements imbued at the same time for double element chaining or if they cancel out? Anyone know because I rarely keep up with the technical stuff and half the time don’t know what I’m doing😂

  2. I feel like Fid has more Lid aspects that fina…wouldve loved to see more Fina traits in there, like on the magic side…this unit has ZERO magic spells.

  3. Great video but I highly doubt I’ll pull in this banner. Curious what the 3rd anniversary would hold. However a Fid and Sylvie combo would be great being Sylvie helps with the status resistance. Good luck to everyone in their pulls!

  4. Great video as always, but I cant help but laugh at how bad your taste in videogames is, seeing how you seem to like that abomination that is Nier Automata and the trainwreck that is FFXV.

  5. I'm worried about Arieth and CG Charlotte coming out together within JULY! Arieth is better than my CG Fina, and CG Charlotte is WAY better than my Basch. I getting close to 25k and I have 20 UoC tickets. Soooo I hope I can get 2 Arieth and 4 CG Charlotte.

    :Praying to Cosmos:

  6. Cilka is good for fulfilling those missions that need to evoke at least 2 times espers. but compared to Sylvie, Cilka doesn't have stat break removal for allies.

  7. Here’s the deal guys, you need both of them in 7* form to really feel the power 😏, otherwise pretty lackluster really. Solid pass for freebies.

  8. I've been destroying The Six Realms with Citra&Folka. Highly enjoyable, also she works perfectly with Esther + Excali (FFBE) = Fun!

  9. I got kinda trolled by this step up xD went for Fina&Lid and ended up with 1x King Edgar and 2x Folka&Citra..
    Ehh well I was looking for a breaker I suppose Edgar will do.

  10. @10:46 Howl's leg makes a guest appearance. Also if anyone wants a Folka&Citra with 230% EVO MAG + CG Nichol STMR with Leviathan give me your friend code.

  11. Thank you man, you vids have helped me alot and whenever I need help or info on a unit you never let me down, again thanks for these helpful vids bruh

  12. I did one lap and I’m not disappointed. I got two fina and lid 👍🏻 I kind of want folka and Citra to play around with the summoner damage. I might see how my luck goes with the aerith banner and I may uoc them. Nice peak in the room…love the pikachu

  13. I can not access my facebook, after 4 resets after the other with my phone, recovering everything, I accidentaly hit Login, it tells me I have reached maximum bind for google. I am waiting for support but hate not getting the one item I am fighting for the Yin Yang Orniment.

  14. I think they made that gl upgrade to get people to pull they must think that we will pull more if they upgrade they a bit but buff they killer skill by 10% not a dam upgrade worth saying gl upgrade tbh but I do wish people luck on pulling them I gone to skip this banner on my main so I can save up of something better or a time limt unit coming up that I like to pull on

  15. Looking forward to your stream with Claic today! My dude Howl dropping the knowledge for these Summer time units! Keep up the great work.

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