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18 Replies to “WWE Eco-Friendly WWE Championship Replica Review”

  1. At first I hated the Daniel Bryan eco-belt. But it's been growing on me, and I can feel the force pulling me to reach for my credit card and buy it. The wood/cardboard/burlap combination is just so ridiculous…that I have to get it !!

  2. true about how people think…who care about how much we spend n people like it or not…as a wrestling n belt lover..i dun mind to fork out my money to buy the title n collecting wwe title has being my hobbie

  3. I been waiting on someone to do a review on that belt. I’m glad you didn’t buy it though $400 they’re smoking crack

  4. The actual Eco friendly title looks like the strap is cardboard the center plate looks like it was carved from butcher block wood as does the logo. The stones look like they are from an aquarium. Those white accents look like tiles or Lego's. Yours is totally better looking

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