Your First Day With Virtual DJ 8 – Tutorial for new DJs

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This Virtual DJ 8 video tutorial demonstrates software setup, loading and playing tracks, and connecting to a hardware controller. Also discussed are differences between Virtual DJ 8 LE and the full version VDJ8 software. Confused about how everything works? Don’t be – the video and full article review will help you out.


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25 Replies to “Your First Day With Virtual DJ 8 – Tutorial for new DJs”

  1. I have Virtual DJ, but I use my 1 terabyte external hard drive to play music on it. I don't keep music on my computer, I use my external hard drive and play from my folder. I have over 60, 000 songs. Actually I have 2 external hard drives to make sure I don't lose my music.

  2. i guess i should say its for people that don't know how to install and how to setup Virtual DJ.. to me anyways, and im a stoner and an alcoholic though lmao and deleted something troll because this is a great video

  3. Hi, thanks for the videos. All good stuff. I just have one question with setup, and running audio out.
    At the moment I am just running the Audio straight from the analog jack out to my mixer (Mackie). And the only thing I can do to get any 'Gain" is run the output level right up. But not too sure that is the right config. Is there something I can use to get a Standard or reference level to feed to the mixer?. Too many ups and downs with nothing set!.
    Thanks for any help.

  4. I'm using an external hard drive for my music library. Will Virtual DJ recollect all the analysed songs on my hard drive each time I plug it in or would I have to save it in some kind of format?

  5. I like to blend my songs,but I can't seem to use my headphones to sync the songs. I know the program does it for you, but I'm oldschool and like to hear if they blend good together.

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