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39 Replies to “Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2018 Finals”

  1. I'm confused
    So at the end Ching has Eater of millions, he banished 15 cards so it shoud have 100 x 15 = 1500 ATK points
    Bohdan has 5600 LP
    How did Ching finish him off?
    Bohdan should have 4100 LP after that attack
    Did he just quit?

  2. they should play it ''yu gi oh like'' they should shout the cards that they will use. especially trap cards m fave moments!!! and costumes!!

  3. I think it is not funny…
    I wanna play Yu-Gi-Oh with my friends with many jokes, not seriously. and, with my firends. because if I play Yu-Gi-Oh with people who I had never seen, I cannot tell him joke. But in my around, there are no players that play Yu-Gi-oh….

  4. i wish i could get into this i used to love yu gi oh when i was a kid. it blew pokemon out of the ballpark at the time. my favorite cards were always blue eyes white dragon and the dark magician girl.

  5. The guy on the left is trying his hardest to keep his cards and deck neat on the field 1mwhildt the other guys cards are all over the place😂😂😂

  6. Love how you can't see the cards and when they do show them it's with Japanese text. But they do show the shuffling pretty well, I'll give em credit for that. For anyone who wants to see some high level shuffling here you go

  7. Yo se los resumo 48min de puro barajeo… el de reino unido gana por que el chino se rinde con 7000LP que basura y solo juegan cartas trampas el puto duelo mas aburrido de mi puta vida !!!!!

  8. Wait what. Do they not have the technology to pull up the common language of the card rather then the actual card the person is using? Since it's an English stream why wouldn't they pull up the English version of a card when they want to show it to the audience. Lol.

  9. This is really boring, look how they communicate with each other so friendly like they should be screaming crap like “YOUR PATHETIC CARDS ARE WORTHLESS”

  10. world championship commentators should at the very least be able to explain what is happening.
    The cards are in Chinese for God's sake.
    Do they really expect all the English viewers to just know what each one of those cards Do?
    The commentary is in english…
    It's not very high paced match, please edit to show what the cards do. and explain what is happening/possible strategy next year.

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