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41 Replies to “Zedd – Find You ft. Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant (Official Music Video)”

  1. love this music video
    just like
    girl in bath
    cool visuals
    girl sees other girl at club
    oop other girl here too
    quick make out session
    birds are like nah
    jump into ice cold water
    bath portal

  2. THIS WAS MY FIRST EVER FAVORITE SONG AND I HEARD THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 9 this song will forever have a special place in my heart ❤️ man this decade has been one wild ride

  3. "I'll build a city that dreams for two"

    Still remember my ex singing that line to me, I have a loving boyfriend now but that ex was my only gilrfriend and the only girl whom I ever loved. Mind you I was dating her whilst we were both studying at a homophobic ass catholic girla school and she always promised that we would run away somewhere where our love could be accepted.

  4. this song makes me remember all those childhood road trips going back home from an amazing time with a car full of my cousins and idk this song would always play on the radio. Weather it was a background to our non stop playing or helping us finally fall asleep this song was always there. Now It makes me want to run away or run to my cousins and give them all a hug. Hearing it always makes me nostalgic.

    it will always have a special place in my heart i love it <<33

  5. Heard this in a bar at El Nido, Palawan, Philippines while I was looking at a very attractive guy and I never thought I will ever get chance to dance with him, wow.

  6. Zedd has this uniqueness and specialty of making songs that transcends time. So ahead of their time. Everytime you hear it, it feels afresh,reminding you all of the good memories and feeling associated with your life at the time the song was relased. This feeling never gets old. I always enjoy to listen to such music alone. This feels so alive and personal.

  7. the voice of Miriam is so lovely and she cute too. and I felt like I had a crush for her. I'm listening in November 23, 2019

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